boys !?!

From the mind of, Keya Shantile on 12:14 AM

Boys seriously stress me out.
I just had to Spazz On this guy that is working my last nerve for the simple fact that he wants to be with me
but he thinks i take him as a joke ...
well I do. Because I seriously despise guys who don't have any plans on trying to become my friend before I even consider becoming "more than friends" with them
&&& this guy ryan.....

oh where do I begin
for the past month, him and i have been spending quite a bit of time together [acting as if we are together] lol
&&& as soon as I txt him - _where do you see this going_
you would of thought I asked him to marry me ...
his response was- _he doesn't know he is just taking it day by day, because the last thing he rushed into didnt turn out good_

I mean I understand not rushing into things but he had the nerve to tell me I was tripping????

why are guys so afraid of any commitment??


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