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From the mind of, Keya Shantile on 2:31 PM

There has to be more to life than these situations I'm experiencing
I'm tired of stressing over
  • My dad not being there for me like a father is suppose to be
  • worrying if these "friends" will be here for me
  • belonging
  • succeeding
  • making others happy
I really haven't found a group of girls whom I have "non-stop" fun with and I know NO MATTER what will be there for me. I need friends that can understand my random mood swings . I just honestly miss my friends from back home.

My best Friend Tiffany and I before our freshman year in college

My best friend Jackie and me the summer before I left ...

I love both of my best friends, and I think I am just used to the comfort they gave me, and I have yet to find true friends here at school.

Just leaving it into gods hands.

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